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24 Hour Emergency Plumbing & Heating

If you need a plumber or heating engineer for an emergency at any time of day or night, House plumbing and heating can be with you in less than an hour - throughout the whole of Greater London and its surrounding areas.

We will tell in advance what you will pay for the work we do - there will be no hidden extras and there will be no call out charge. Our first priority is to you and to address the problem that is causing the emergency.

Plumbing and water related emergencies

A broken pipe or frozen is the most common type of emergency calls. Water leaks can cause serious damage to your property’s structure and electrical wiring.

If water leaks near your electrical system or appliances, turn off the network immediately. Do not touch any electrical equipment or equipment that is wet, as you could suffer an electrical shock.

Before the arrival of our engineer, turn off the main water stop tap. Usually, you will find this under the kitchen sink or where the water main enters your property.

Heating and gas related emergencies

If you smell gas or suspect a gas leak, call us immediately. Once our heating contractor or gas safe registered plumber arrives, we can then assess the nature of the problem and take the appropriate action.

Meanwhile, do not light a flame or operate electrical switches, be sure to open doors and windows and turn off the gas at the main valve.

Home Plumbing & Heating regularly off the plumbing and heating emergencies including: